Chasing the Sunset

As I was planning my Ireland trip, I booked several of my B&Bs based on the view. Ocean views were a plus, especially on the west coast, because I was hoping it would help me cross on one of my Life’s List items – see the sunset over the ocean.

The luck of the Irish was with us the entire trip, bringing us clear, sunny days, and visible sunsets nearly every night.

Unfortunately, my grasp of Irish geography was a little off.

In Dingle, one of the southwestern-mostĀ peninsulasĀ of Ireland, I had heard about the gorgeous ocean views and sunsets. We also had an amazing view of the water from our B&B in Dingle. Unfortunately, the water was the Dingle Bay, not the ocean, and the view faced south, not west.

We were still blessed with a clear evening and a sunset off behind the mountains and trees. But no ocean sunset here.

Next we were on to Galway, further north up the west coast. Like Dingle, Galway has a view of the water, but not of the Atlantic. Our B&B here overlooked Galway bay and faced south.

However, we did get a view of the sun reflecting off the water at dusk, which made for some of my favorite photos of the trip. Still, I couldn’t cross it off my list.

Two west-coast water-front towns down, and no ocean sunset under my belt. I left the Republic of Ireland, disappointed, and headed up to Northern Ireland. I had pretty much given up on the sunset-over-the-ocean aspirations for this trip, because now we were on the north coast, and would be ending the trip in Dublin.

But, I was in for a surprise. Somehow just outside Bushmills, near Giant’s Causeway, the sun sets over the water!

I would have loved to see the sunset over Giant’s Causeway itself, but it was pretty cool to watch sitting on a picnic bench right outside our inn.

I finally saw my sunset over the ocean.

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