Reading Goal #2: Reading the Books I Own

While I absolutely love browsing bookstores, I’ve never been one to buy a ton of books – I love using the library and borrowing books from friends. Also, I very rarely re-read books, so owning them seemed sort of silly. That said, I still love the look of a full bookshelf and think it’s so important to have books in every home. So, now that I have access to lots of books to take home, I see a challenge ahead.

I already have a few books on my shelf that I really do want to read, but for whatever reason just haven’t done it. For example, I desperately want to read all of The Story of the Irish Race by Seamus Macmanus, but at 768 pages of pretty meaty stuff, I have not, for obvious reasons, committed to tackling it yet. And then there are a number of classics I bought when I felt like I should have read them years ago, and then still never read.

And now I am finding myself bringing home even more books like this. For one reason or another I really do want to read these more challenging books, but I  have a hard time making the commitment to start these as opposed to the ones I know I will fly through. I’ve always been of the belief that reading should be enjoyable, rather than a chore, and some of the longer, tougher ones still do feel like a chore.

A few of the newest additions to my collection.

But I would like to set a goal for myself. I want no more than 25% of the books on my shelf to be books I have not  yet read. Right now that number is a little off, since I just donated several books I had already read. But, currently I have 19 unread books that I own, and I’d like to get that number down to at least 15 before I get any new books.

And if this works, eventually I might want to get that goal down to closer to 10% of unread books on my shelf.

3 thoughts on “Reading Goal #2: Reading the Books I Own

  1. Just as an FYI, “The Amazing Adventures of Cavalier and Klay” is in my top ten books I’ve read EVER. It was so, so excellent. Not everyone I know who has read it thinks so, but I certainly enjoyed it. Also, “Speak” by Laurie Halse Anderson is not a difficult book–you’ll likely fly through it. It was also really good, but very very dark.

    • I actually read all of Speak last night. :) As for Cavalier and Klay, this is one of those books that people keep telling me is amazing, but I really have no interest in whatsoever. (Check out my post tomorrow for more on this.) But, the people at the Open Books bookstore convinced Terry to buy it, and I feel I should read it so people can stop telling me to.

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