Yoga Booty Ballet

Over the past few months, I’ve come to several realizations regarding my fitness needs. Specifically:

  • I need to do other types of workouts besides running.
  • I miss yoga.
  • I miss dancing.
  • I need to get my flexibility back to where it used to be.
  • I am more motivated by group fitness than individual endeavors.
  • I need to figure out a way to fit working out into a routine that fits with my busy schedule.
  • I need to work out before I get home and plop myself on the couch.

It sounds like a lot to ask, but I think I’ve found the solution to most/all of the above issues…Yoga Booty Ballet!

Let me back up a bit.

Since I’ve been at my new job, on my way out each night, I’ve been noticing girls entering the building with yoga mats and cute workout clothes, so I knew there must be some type of yoga studio in the building. With my interest piqued, I had every intention of stopping one of the girls and asking them about the class they appeared to be going to. However, the opportunity never presented itself, and I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I Googled my building’s address + “yoga” and found that I share an office building with Indigo Studio. Not only do they offer traditional yoga, but they have Zumba, TurboKick (love this!), cardio dance, and this crazy thing called Yoga Booty Ballet (or YBB as the pros call it).

So last week during my lunch break, I made my way up to the 7th floor to check the place out. I ended up buying a package deal where I can drop in to a set number of classes, whenever is convenient for me.

Tonight I decided to try out my first class and find out for myself if YBB really was as crazy-cool as it sounds. It worked out perfectly because I needed to work a little late tonight, so I just hung out at the office, changed, and headed upstairs in time for the class.

First off, although the studio is small, the actual dance room is awesome. Imagine looking into a studio mirror and in the reflection seeing the Sears Tower and Merchandise Mart smiling their twinkling lights back at you. It makes me so happy seeing my city’s skyline lit up and night, and it makes me even happier when I get to look at it while I work out!

Then the class began. We started out with some meditation activities to set our focus and intention for the session. Then we kicked things up with some funky dance music and cardio-dance moves. (We did everything from grapevines and box steps, to the Charleston and cha-cha, to a funky hip move the instructor called “the Jersey Shore”.) After we had all worked up a good sweat, she moved into some ballet moves to help transition into the final yoga phase of the session. The yoga portion was pretty traditional, but was nicer because our bodies were all warmed up. The class ended in the traditional yoga style (Namaste.) but I felt like I got a much better workout in than with a normal yoga class.

I am so excited to have made this discovery, as I really think it may be the answer to all my fitness prayers. Not only for the fun and unique classes, but for the fact that the convenience factor is absolutely perfect. And I’ve learned recently just how important convenience is for workout success!


4 thoughts on “Yoga Booty Ballet

  1. Convenience is probably the number one factor in my working out. That’s why I’d much rather pay for the gym that is half a block from my house than use the campus gym for free. The odds of my walking half a block to go work out are SIGNIFICANTLY greater than the odds of me having to get in my car, drive a few miles, pay to park, walk another half mile to the gym and then do it all in reverse after the work out is over. I love my little gym!

    • I totally agree with you, Erin! However, for me I need more than just convenience. I need the combo of convenience and fun factor. Otherwise, I would have been more successful with my Jillian workouts at home. Nothing is more convenient than a 20 minute workout I can do right at home whenever I want to with little else required. But I got burned out from that.

      Plus, paying for something tends to make me want to go in the first place, and having other people in the class with me keeps me from quitting if I get tired!

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