At Long Last: Riverdance!

After years of being fascinated by dance, all things Irish, and most recently with my dabbling with Irish dance, it’s kind of hard to believe I had never seen a performance of Riverdance before. Of course, it’s been on my List forever, so when I found out the touring company was making its way back to Chicago, I had to get tickets this time.

Last Thursday, just in time for St. Patrick’s day, my boyfriend and I went to the the Oriental Theatre downtown, and I finally got to see Riverdance, and cross it off my list.

I was so excited to see and hear Irish dancing on stage in a gorgeous theatre, where I couldn’t help but tap my own feet to the music. (It’s probably a good thing that there wasn’t room for me to stand up and dance, or I may have been tempted!) But in addition to Irish dancing, there were a few surprises, like a Flamenco dancer, and my absolute favorite number – a tap-off between Irish dancers and tap dancers, called “Trading Taps.”

Spoiler Alert: Here’s a video of another rendition of this number, because I loved it so much and wanted to see it again.

Overall the show was great, although I found myself wishing there were even more Irish dance numbers. It also made me seriously consider registering for another Irish dance class myself at Old Town, but I promised to wait until my knee is better!

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