Every Day I’m Shufflin’

Tomorrow morning I am running my first Shamrock Shuffle!

I have registered for this race once before, but I had to skip because of my cousin’s baby shower. And a few years ago, I volunteered for it, but it’s kind of hard to believe I’ve never actually run it before.

This will be my second Sunday in a row that I’ll be running a race, surpassing my “one-race-a-month” goal for the year. Unfortunately, it doesn’t roll over to next month, so stay tuned to see what I have up my sleeve for April!

As for the Shamrock Shuffle, I’m actually a little disappointed in the shirts this year. Although the design is cool, it’s RED, and not green as one would suspect. (C’mon, Bank of America. This is the SHAMROCK Shuffle, not the Bank of America Shuffle. Last time I checked, shamrocks were green.)

Maybe I’m just a little bitter because red is my least favorite color to wear, (other than orange or yellow), and this now brings my red race shirt total to four.

My Red Running Shirts: Warm Your Heart Indoor 5k (2012), CARA 6 Nights Summer Series (2011), Shamrock Shuffle (2012), Disney World Marathon (2012)

But, as I said, the design itself is pretty cool, and I don’t usually wear my race shirts until after the race anyway (I believe it’s bad luck to wear a shirt you didn’t actually earn yet), so instead I will be wearing my greenĀ CARA 6 Leaf Clover training shirt from this year. Because, you know, it’s the SHAMROCK Shuffle after all.

Shufflin' Gear

Anyway, shirts and apparel aside, I’m excited to be running this year. As much as I’ve been trying to steer clear of the really crowded races, the Shamrock Shuffle really is Chicago’s kickoff to running season, and it’s also my first CARA Certified race of the year. (I’m aiming to run 10 CARA races this year!)

Again, this will be the farthest distance I’ve run in a while, and my knee still isn’t quite up to par, but I am looking forward to having a fun race down the streets of Chicago.

Last weekend I Got Lucky, this weekend I’m Shufflin’!

7 thoughts on “Every Day I’m Shufflin’

  1. Good luck tomorrow! I’m also perplexed (and disappointed) by the red shirts. It’s going to be a weird “Christmas” race tomorrow – a lot of people in green, and a lot of people wearing the red shirts. I feel like I should wear my reindeer antlers from a race I did last December (which had BLUE shirts … what’s up, race directors???)

    • Thanks, Maggie! I mean, I get that Bank of America is the sponsor and they want everyone to know it, but I totally agree with you – it’s gonna look like Christmas!

      Have a great run!

  2. Hi! I just saw your blog through a link at Red Runs :) I love the pic of all the red shirts! I am not doing the Shuffle, but thought the shirt choice color was a bit odd! I hope you have a fun race today!

    Are you doing 10 CARA races for the participation award? A friend of mine did that last year :)

    • Thanks!

      I am going to try for a CARA participation award! I know I’ll never win a race or an award based on time, so I thought participation might be the way to go!

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

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