New Things on My List

The real purpose for this blog, though I sometimes stray from it, is to work toward and reflect on completing things from my Life’s List. For the second year in a row, I am trying to cross off 12 things in a year, and I also sometimes add new things to the list.

However, I realize that recently this has been serving more as a running blog than a bucket list blog, and I thought it was time to get back to my roots. Granted, running has quickly become a big part of my list, but it’s certainly not all of it. A lot of things I want to accomplish have to do with travel, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and personal milestones.

So, I thought today I would spend some time talking about the three new things I’ve added to the list – three things that all involve New Zealand!

I’ve always wanted to visit New Zealand, and after I went to Australia several years ago, it made its way into my top 5 countries I most want to visit (which also includes Greece, Iceland, Switzerland, and Sweden). However, I didn’t have any specific things I wanted to experience in New Zealand until very recently, when my coworker began to plan her honeymoon trip there.

Thanks to her planning and experiences, I now have three new items on my list:

1. Go Zorbing in New Zealand. This is absolutely amazing. Basically you get inside a giant hamster ball and roll down a hill. Need to see for yourself? Check out the video below:

There is now Zorbing throughout the world, but it was created in New Zealand, and so I am determined to try it there. On a side note, it kind of reminds me of another random hamster-ball activity I tried out a few years ago, only it was in a pool rather than down a giant hill.

Me in a hamster ball at a summer street festival in 2010.

2. Go black water rafting at Waitomo. Tubing meets white water rafting meets caving. Need I say more?!

3. See the glowworm caves at Waitomo.  I don’t really know what else to say about this, other than it is probably the closest I’d ever come to living out the following scene from Surf’s Up.

I don’t have any plans (or money) to travel to New Zealand any time soon, but now when I do finally go, I will hopefully be able to cross off three items from my list while I’m there!

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