I Rocked the Bunny Rock

Yesterday morning I ran the Bunny Rock 5K at Montrose Harbor!

This was one of the better races I’ve run in a while. Here’s why:

  • The race was smaller than a lot of recent races I’ve run, and it was a refreshing change. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy some of the bigger races like the Shamrock Shuffle, but I’ve been getting tired of huge crowds, trekking to large venues for packet pickups, and waiting 15 minutes or more to cross the start line. The Bunny Rock was nice and small, packet pickup was a very speedy trip to Universal Sole, and I crossed the start line a minute and 20 seconds after the gun.
  • I loved the race goodies for this one. Cute blue technical shirt, bunny ears, sunglasses, and even GU and a peanut butter packet! Fun stuff!
  • So many bunnies! All the people wearing their bunny ears at the starting line really did look like bunnies hopping along a trail. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it was a fun way to start the race!

    A photo from the start line.

  • It was another race toward the CARA participation award.┬áThis was the second CARA race of the year toward the ten I’m shooting for.
  • There were giant blow up bunnies, and other fun photo ops. Yeah, I know – not exactly something that makes or breaks a race, but it earns points in my book.

    Official Bunny Rock Picture Spot

  • There was plenty of hydration along the course. For a 5K, I appreciate that there were two different aid stations on the route, which was much better than only having one during the Get Lucky 7K. Unfortunately, I only saw Gatorade at both stations, and no water, but at least there was something to drink if you needed it.
  • Gear check was super-speedy. I was lucky enough to use the CARA members gear check at the Shamrock Shuffle, but I heard some people who used the regular Shuffle gear check had to wait up to 20 minutes for their bags after the race. The Bunny Rock gear check took about 20 seconds.
  • The weather was great! Not too hot, not too cold. In fact, I actually over dressed a little based on how chilly it’s been lately, but it turned out to be a beautiful day!
  • No knee problems for me! This was one of the best parts about the day. A pain-free race these days is a good race!

    Smiling at the Finish

I had a great time at the Bunny Rock, and I would definitely consider running this one again!

Two bunnies in the park.

4 thoughts on “I Rocked the Bunny Rock

  1. Yay for no knee pain! I love all the bunny ear pics, esp. the shadow one! This sounds like a really fun race. I wonder if they have been doing it very long – I hadn’t heard of it!

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