Birthdays, Sports, Concerts, and PRs

What a weekend! I am still giddy from how amazing it was, so I can’t promise this will be an extremely well-written post. Sorry.

Friday night I went out for a pre-birthday dinner of tapas and sangria at Cafe Iberico. In addition to absolutely loving going for tapas in a big group (because you get to try more things), I also was so happy to be surrounded by some of my closest friends. Former coworkers, dance friends, and running friends represented some of the most important aspects of my life as a 30-year-old, so I couldn’t think of a better crew to eat my “last meal” with for the year.

Some of my favorite people.

Then Saturday was the actual “big day”. I kicked it off with brunch with my best friend and “the boys” at Bongo Room. It’s rare that I venture out to Wicker Park, so this was my first Bongo Room experience, and it was delicious.

Then we came home to watch Humber pitch a perfect game! In fact, it turned out to be a great day for Chicago sports all around. Cubs win, Bulls win, Hawks overtime win (and another near heart attack) and a Sox perfect game. It’s a rare day for 4 Chicago wins in the same day, and I’m glad it happened yesterday!

After the Sox game, we headed up to the Aragon for the Snow Patrol show. Oh my god. I probably should write a separate post about how awesome this was when I’m a little less hyper and a little more eloquent. It was a-maze-ing. AND, they were filming for their next single so someday my voice (along with 500o others) may make it into the music video!

Snow Patrol at the Aragon

And then, today, the real reason I’m so excited as I type this – I ran the Home Team Charity Run 5K. Going into it, I was seriously questioning my sanity for signing up for a race the morning after my birthday. Between the show, the b-day drinks, and the late-night food while watching the Hawks go into overtime, getting up early wasn’t easy. In fact, on the way to the race, I even commented on how I did not have high hopes for the outcome of the race.

But maybe low expectations are good for me, because I got a PR!!!! In fact, not only did I PR, but I finally reached my goal of running a 5K in under 30 minutes, and got to cross off a Life’s List item today!!!!

Celebrating with Southpaw

The official results are not posted yet (and it’s killing me), but once they are up, I will do a full race recap and tell all about it.

For now, I’m just gonna go back to jumping up and down and repeating “I did it!” over and over again. :)

7 thoughts on “Birthdays, Sports, Concerts, and PRs

  1. What an awesome weekend! Congrats on the new PR! Maybe you are one of those runners who does best after a full day and night out? LOL!

    So cool that you had a big dinner with all your friends!

  2. Congratulations and happy birthday! Can’t wait to hear more details about the Home Team Charity race and your PR!!! And Cafe Iberico is the bestest. =)

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