My Name is Cary and I Have a Half Marathon Problem

I suppose there are unhealthier addictions to have – like my other vices: coffee, beer, ice cream, and Facebook. But half marathons are probably the most expensive addiction I have. Or actually, races in general.

Today I signed up for the Muddy Buddy race, which I’ve been wanting to do forever. (It’s on my List.) You’d think that would be enough, but oh no. It only made me thirstier for more.

While registering for the Muddy Buddy, I also noticed that this year they’re pairing up with the Rock n Roll Chicago Half Marathon for the Rock n Mud Challenge.


What is this, you ask? Well, it’s the dumb brilliant idea to sign up and run the Muddy Buddy obstacle course on Saturday, and the Rock n Roll Half Marathon on Sunday. Perks for the crazies athletes who take on this challenge include special race bibs at both races, extra beer after the Muddy Buddy, lunch after the Half, and a special Rock n Mud medal.

I haven’t committed to the RNR half yet, but I am weighing the pros and cons. Here’s what I’ve got so far.


  • The RNR half is another CARA race, and I am still 3 short for my goal.
  • RNR medals are cool.
  • It’s one of the most conveniently located half marathons to where I live.
  • Whenever I find myself thinking “I kinda wanna do this” it should be a sign to go for it.
  • The Rock n Mud challenge sounds awesome.
  • I just got a discount code for RNR registration
  • Prices go up next week.


  • I’m slightly anti-Rock n Roll after how big and corporate and expensive its become.
  • After the Rock n Roll Vegas debacle, I lost a little respect for them as an organization.
  • Rock and Roll races are WAY too expensive.
  • Registering for this would bring my summer half marathon total to 4. (Which I don’t really see as a problem, but maybe it is a little crazy.)

So, I don’t know. Really it comes down to this:

  • Yes, I do it because I want to, and it would work toward not only the Rock n Mud challenge, but also my CARA participation award.
  • No, I don’t do it, because Rock and Roll races are way too expensive, and I’d rather support smaller races.

What do you think? Should I do it? Or save my money?

Also, have you run the RNR Chicago before? Would you recommend it? I’ve heard (and witnessed firsthand) other RNR horror stories, but I’ve also heard the Chicago race is a ton of fun. I’d love to hear your experiences below.