Stir Crazy!

So, I am on Day 3 of doing nothing but sitting on the couch (aside from going to work), and I am starting to go nuts.

I am still too sick and weak to really do much of anything, but I’m finally getting antsy enough to feel like I need to do SOMETHING.

I’m too tired to clean, do laundry, read a book, write a blog post that’s actually well-written, or do anything else of any real value. I definitely am not going to go for a run, but I am feeling that my body is missing it. (Let’s just call it a rest week before the 13.1).

So far, I’ve eaten 7 bowls of soup, had at least 8 liters (yes, liters) of water, watched about 12 episodes of Friends, spent about 4 hours refreshing Facebook hoping someone posts something interesting, and visited at least 5 different race websites contemplating whether or not to sign up. (I am resisting the urge to register for anything else until after this weekend…unless I decide to take advantage of the $20 discount for the Chicago Rock n Roll tomorrow for National Running Day).


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