In Honor of National Running Day…

I finally caved and registered for the Chicago Rock n Roll Half.

I’ve been debating registering for this for months now, primarily because I think the RnR series is WAY too overpriced. I mean, even today with a $20 discount for National Running Day, the race still cost me $100. That is way over my price range for races (other than Disney, which is still pricey but at least you’re at Disney!)

However, the prices are only going to continue to go up, and the way I have been obsessing over this I knew I’d probably end up caving at the last minute and costing myself even more money. So, I took advantage of the “discount” to get myself signed up for the Rock N Roll Chicago.

AND, because I was already registered for the Muddy Buddy the day before, I am now also entered into the Rock n Mud Challenge.

As they say…


And now, some numbers to prove I am insane.

  • This will be race 8 of 10 CARA runs.
  • It makes a total of 16 races in 2012 (so far).
  • This will be the 4th half marathon I’m registered for this summer.
  • It brings my total race mileage for the year to 132.75.
  • And I am not even going to count how many dollars I’ve spent on registrations.

After this, I seriously will be better about my race registrations. For the rest of the year, I am going to only register for races that work toward my three goals: CARA participation, A Race a Month, or Run in all 50 States. And I am seriously sticking with my price limits. No more expensive races, and NO MORE ROCK n ROLL! I hate you, RNR. I really do!

2 thoughts on “In Honor of National Running Day…

  1. Yay for the National Running Day discount!!! That so awesome that you’re part of the Rock N Mud Challenge now – you are going to have some terrific stories to share from that weekend! I’m running RnR Chicago also so I will see you there as well!

    I think I operate similarly with running shoes as you do with races (I’ve bought five new pairs of running shoes within the last year). For the sake of my pocketbook and my closet, I really need to stop looking at all those online running stores! Sigh…

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