My Favorite Medal Holder and A Raffle!

After I completed my Disney Marathon and earned my most coveted Mickey medal, I decided to reward myself with a nice medal holder, instead of hanging all my medals on the doorknob.

I scoured the internet for the perfect one, and ended up settling on this awesome one I got customized through York Sign Shop on Etsy.

I decided to go with “I did it” rather than something specifically running related because my first 5 medals were actually from stair climbs. And who knows what other crazy events might earn me a medal some day. So I thought “I did it” kind of covered it all.

I love this medal rack, and Tamara at York Sign Shop was super friendly when I placed my custom order. If I ever run out of room and need a second rack, I will certainly be ordering from her again. And, I highly recommend York Sign Shop to any runner or athlete looking for a medal holder of their own.

However, if you aren’t willing to buy one just yet, have no fear. You can win your very own medal rack right here!

Yep, that’s right. In addition to running a super-awesome Etsy stop, Tamara has donated one of her racks to be raffled off for my Chicago Half Marathon fundraising efforts for Open Books!

The rack will be pre-made and may differ from the one I have, but it will still be the same awesome quality and fun style as all the other ones they make. (Seriously, look at them all!)

Here’s how the raffle will work:

Anyone who makes a donation to my fundraising page during the month of June will receive one raffle entry for every $5 they donate. All entries will be entered into a randomizer, and during the first week of July I will select a winner. The winner will be contacted and I will ship their rack to them.

Here’s how you can earn your entries:

learn more

  • Once you’ve donated, you can earn extra entries by sharing this link your blog, Facebook page, Twitter, etc. Each link posted earns one bonus entry.
  • After you’ve done any of the things above, leave me a comment listing all the things you did to earn entries, and I will record and enter them.

So, for example, if you donate $20 and post about it on Facebook and your blog, you will receive 6 entries. ($20 = 4 entries, Facebook = 1, blog = 1).

For questions about Open Books, my fundraising, or the raffle, feel free to contact me at

And, finally, if you don’t win the raffle, or you decide you’d want to order your own customized medal rack, stop by York Sign Shop and place an order with them. Because, really, they’re awesome!

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Medal Holder and A Raffle!

  1. Are you going to be doing any other raffles in the future? I would like to make a donation, but I actually just won a medal display through someone else’s charity raffle. So if you’ll be doing future raffles, I’ll wait for that.

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