My Expectations for Tomorrow’s 13.1

Tomorrow’s the big day. Allstate 13.1. The half marathon I didn’t pay for and didn’t really train for, either. I won my entry from a giveaway on Kim’s blog, and I kinda just tacked on the extra three miles from the Solider Field 10 a couple weeks ago.

Except that I haven’t really run much since the SF10 (stupid cold). And it’s supposed to be almost 90 tomorrow.

I’m happy to know that the 13.1 race directors are taking all the necessary precautions, including adding ice chips, cooling towels, and spray stations. I also appreciate their tips to runners for staying cool and keeping hydrated. My favorite bit of advice? “Dress accordingly; wear as few clothes as you decently can.”

But you know what? I’m not too worried. I’ve been meaning this to be a “just for fun” race since the start, and I was never expecting to PR. If anything, I was going to use it as a baseline to see where I am now pre-Chicago Half training, so I can see how much I improve after my official training with Team Bookin’ It.

I’ll be wearing a light, sleeveless top and a running skirt. I also plan on bringing some extra hydration with me.

Sidenote: I hate, hate, HATE my hydration belt. I caved and bought it for my marathon training last winter when the water fountains along the lake were shut off, and I only wore it for my longest runs and for the actual marathon. It’s a little too big on me, and it slides around and I just feel like it weighs me down. Plus, it’s totally dorky, and I hate it. Blah.

Anyway, I’ll be dressed in cool clothes, well-hydrated, and running a nice, leisurely race. Time is pretty much meaningless to me this time around.

We’ll see how it goes, because running in warm, humid weather is actually better on my asthmatic (and currently very cough-y) lungs, but HOT weather, and especially, when it’s hot, humid, and pollen-y, makes it really rough to breathe. So, really, it could go either way for me.

On that note, will you all please do me a favor? If I don’t show up to the post-race meet-up, and you don’t see a blog post from me for several days, call the authorities. I don’t actually have any family or friends coming to this race, and the BF is out of town, so if anything does happen to me, you may be the first to notice. 

All joking aside, here’s what I am excited about for this race:

  • Meeting up with some of the Chicago Running Bloggers pre- and post-race.
  • Thanking Kim in person for getting me into this race.
  • Meeting Maggie and receiving the new Active Bands I won from her raffle!
  • Running the first leg of the Windy City 26.2 Challenge.
  • Donating my shoes to Give Your Sole at the finish line. I’m trying to be better about getting rid of stuff, and I really don’t need to hang onto 3 pairs of the same shoe. Out with the old; in with the new.

Will you be at the 13.1? What are your goals for the race?

4 thoughts on “My Expectations for Tomorrow’s 13.1

  1. You have a great mindset! I can’t wait to meet everyone, too! And I donated some shoes at packet pickup this afternoon, which felt really good. I was happy to see that they had quite the pile of donated shoes!

    I know tomorrow’s weather is not ideal, so I am trying not to pressure myself for this race. I’ve really been wanting to gauge how much my training has progressed, though. But I know there will be other half marathons…

    • I feel relatively relaxed about the whole thing, but I think that’s mostly due to the fact that I probably would have had a crappy race anyway, and at least now I can just blame it on the weather. :)

      Just be safe and have have fun!

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