One Last Worry

Despite all the worry and precautions for tomorrow’s steamy race, I was relatively calm about it. After all, it IS June. But now I AM worried, thanks to the air quality alert they just released.

“Ground level ozone levels are expected to be unhealthy for those who are sensitive: anyone with upper respiratory issues, asthma, the young, and the elderly.”

Their advice: if you have to be outdoors, don’t overexert yourself.

This is the very kind of weather that causes tightness in my chest and breathing problems…and that’s when I’m not already battling a cold and cough. 


Again, if you don’t hear from me post-race, please send someone to check on me. 

4 thoughts on “One Last Worry

    • Awww, gee. That’s very kind of you.

      Hopefully I will have mine, too, unless I’m an idiot and accidentally leave it in my bag at gear check. (It wouldn’t be the first time.) :)

  1. “Their advice: if you have to be outdoors, don’t overexert yourself.”
    Um…you could NOT run the race tomorrow. Seriously, I know running’s your bag right now, but you shouldn’t do things that are going to put your health in danger. You already have a cold, which will make it even worse. Just sayin’…

    • Erin, I totally get where you’re coming from, but I’m not gotta not try. I will make all the necessary adjustments for running in the heat, and I don’t plan on being very fast tomorrow anyway. And if I really feel in danger, I will stop running. But I can’t not start.

      The scary temps won’t be starting til later in the day, and I hope to be done before that. Plus, if it gets too dangerous, the race officials will shut the course down.

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