Race Day Thank-Yous

There will be no 13.1 race recap from this girl. I’m sure there is plenty I could say, but I just really don’t feel like reliving it.

However, I do feel like many thanks are in order for several people today. So, instead of complaints, today I will show some gratitude.

Thank you…

  • To Kim for giving me a chance to run this race for free, which helped me have a little better attitude about the whole thing.
  • To Jeff for saving me from having to take the early morning bus and allowing me to sleep in an extra half hour.
  • To Jeff’s brother and teacher friends for basically being our chauffeurs today.
  • To all of the volunteers who gave out water, Gatorade, cooling towels, and ice chips. You were literally lifesavers.
  • To Gingerfoxxx, for being so speedy that when I passed you going in the opposite direction, you tricked me into thinking the turn-around was closer than it really was. Had I known just how much farther I had to go at that point, I probably would have quit.
  • ┬áTo all of the entertainment along the course, especially the bagpipers and color guard team toward the end of the race. Thank you for sticking it out and not packing up to go home before the back of the pack made it past. There is nothing worse than when course entertainment packs up to go home before the race is over.
  • To my Team Bookin’ It buddy, Mona, who I saw after the turn-around. You were significantly farther behind me, but had a huge smile on your face, reminding me that it doesn’t matter where you finish – just that you have fun. I think you may have more fun than I did, but you also stopped me from being too hard on myself.
  • To the girl at mile 10 who offered to put ice down my shirt. I tried twice to stick ice cubes down my back, only to have them fall out. You didn’t have to offer to help me, but you did. And my body thanks you.
  • To the older woman in the Autism Speaks shirt who I played leap-frog with the whole race. You probably didn’t even notice me, but who knows how much longer it would have taken me to finish had I not had you to push me along.
  • To everyone who checked on me after the race to make sure I was still alive.

Go raibh maith agaibh.

9 thoughts on “Race Day Thank-Yous

  1. There were so many great people out there today! I loved the Color Guard folks too. I should have gone over after the finish to watch them.

    Sorry your race was not very fun.

  2. The weather was a bit ridiculous but everything else about this race was great! They really did do everything they could to make the best of it for us :) It was great to meet you!!

    • They did do a great job, and really when I think about it, I think my crappy race was less due to the weather and more a mental thing. I think the heat plus being sick, plus maybe just being a little burned out took its toll on me, and I might just need a little break.

      Good news is I have a vacation coming up, and over a month before my next race, so I can actually just focus on training and not racing every weekend.

  3. Well despite how you felt, you looked really strong when i saw you again with a quarter mile left to go!! (and i assure you, i know how defeating a hot miserable race is!) Hopefully Rock’n’roll will be cooler, or if not – at very least we will all be wearing costumes, or if not – at very least i will be wearing a costume.

    • Yeah! I can’t wait to see your costume!

      After yesterday I was kicking myself for signing up for a July race, considering I couldn’t handle a June one. However, don’t have any more races until the Muddy Buddy/RNR weekend, so I can focus on training and come back refreshed!

  4. ha! this is totally how I was feeling, but since I was staying with friends I was trying so hard to be positive about it…especially since it was my darn A race. :) Hope I can make it back to Chicago for a redemption race with all of you.

    And yes major thanks to friends willing to drive and drop off!

  5. I really like this post- it made me smile :) Such a great idea to focus on positive things despite (less than ideal) outcome.

    Fingers crossed that RnR will be in the low 50’s!!

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