I Need a Vacation

This week marks the start of two very important breaks for me.

The first, a break from running. In looking back at my calendar, I’ve run races the past 3 weekends, and the last time I had more than one race-free weekend in a row was in early March! Have I seriously been racing at least every other weekend for the past three months?!

Yes, I keep a Google Doc spreadsheet off my races.

I don’t have another race on the calendar until the Muddy Buddy/Rock N Roll weekend, July 21 & 22nd. (What idiot signs up for a half marathon in Chicago in late July?!) Between now and then, I am going to be focusing on official Chicago Half Marathon training with Team Bookin’ It, which starts this weekend.

I think recently I’ve blurred the line between training runs and races, and even though races are (usually) more fun, I am excited to just focus on training and improving, rather than racking up races in my book. I really want the CHM to be a PR for me, which I think it has the potential to be, but only if I focus on training and not burn myself out. In fact, I’d like to shave at least 15 minutes off my half marathon PR, and I think that’s completely doable if I do this right.

But aside from a vacation from running, I really need a vacation, period. I’ve taken some trips in the past year, but my most recent two were for the Disney Marathon and the Vegas Half. And before that, I’ve taken some cool city trips. But I can’t even remember the last time I just sat on a beach with a book and a cold beverage in my hand.

But, the time has finally come!

Tonight, straight after my last day with the kiddos, I’m heading to Hilton Head Island!¬†

I’ve never been to ¬†Hilton Head before, or to South Carolina at all for that matter. And I am so excited.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to most:

  • Crossing a new state off my list!
  • Finally having some time to devote to reading.
  • A break from running (I’m not even bringing any running gear!)
  • A break from technology. (I’m going to try really hard to stay away from Facebook, emails, blogging, and Draw Something.)
  • Having some quality girl time on the beach.
  • Seeing a new place I’ve never been.
  • Sleeping.
  • Swimming.
  • Coming back with a tan!

Now, just cross your fingers that it doesn’t rain the whole time.

3 thoughts on “I Need a Vacation

    • My goal is under 2:15, or ideally a consistant 10-minute mile pace.

      Despite by abominable performance on Saturday, I think I’m actually a lot closer to that already, compared to where I was last year when my only goal was to finish. My 10-milers are already just around a 10-minute pace, so if I’m healthy and not burned out, I think it’s doable.

  1. You are going to have a WONDERFUL vacation. That is terrific that you won’t be taking your running gear – we all NEED that time off to completely unwind. You definitely deserve it! And the picture of the resort on the ocean looks so beautiful. (I hear there’s a great Disney resort in Hilton Head Island which I have been dying to visit!) Have a fantastic vacation!!!

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