June Check-In

So, June turned out to be quite different than I had expected. Such is life, though, right? Here’s a quick summary.

Life’s List Items Crossed Off: 0

Miles Run: 32 – I took a much-needed running hiatus after a very rough 13.1. Official Chicago Half Marathon training has begun, but my milage is a lot lower than it was last month for now. I will slowly work my way back up.

Races Run: 2 – The Color Run, and the Allstate 13.1


CARA Participation Award Update: 6 completed. 2 additional registered.

Upcoming Races:

  • 7/21 – Muddy Buddy
  • 7/22 – Rock n Roll Half
  • 8/12 – Chicago 10k
  • 9/2 – Disneyland Half
  • 9/9 – Chicago Half

Books Read: 1. Another fail.

Accomplishments for June:

  • Had a fabulous and relaxing trip to Hilton Head Island, and came back with a great tan!
  • Crossing off a new state from my list of states I’ve visited.
  • Met some of the Chicago Running Bloggers in person, despite the fact that I was half asleep pre-race, and I took so long to finish the race, that I missed the post-race meetup.
  • Started up summer reading programs at work, and we’re off to a great start.
  • Lost my mind and registered for Rock N Roll half and the Rock n Mud challenge.
  • Passed the halfway point for my Team Bookin’ It fundraising goal.
  • Started official half marathon training.
  • Seeing my grade school friends at our summer reunion picnic.
  • Booked my hotel for Disneyland.
  • Started tutoring for an adorable boy with Down Syndrome.
Areas where I dropped the ball:
  • Only reading one book this month. (Again.)
  • Not doing any yoga.
  • Not attending any classes at the fitness studio in my building once a week.
  • Not meeting my running goals for the month.
Goals for July:
  • Find a new apartment.
  • Find someone to come to Disneyland with me.
  • Seriously read more than one book.
  • Celebrate Logie’s first birthday/4th of July.
  • Conquer my irrational fear of beach volleyball.
  • Have a drink at Castaways.
  • Finish the Rock n Mud Challenge.
  • Have a Girl’s Night with my favorite college ladies.
  • Attend the Milwaukee Brewfest.
  • Get a group together for the CARA 6 Nights Series.
  • Be better about keeping a personal journal.
 Here’s to hoping July is a better month for me.

4 thoughts on “June Check-In

  1. Despite June not turning out the way you wanted, it sounds like you had a terrific month! Can’t wait to see your pictures from Hilton Head, and hear more about the tutoring you are doing. Also, you’ve got such amazing races on your calendar in the next few months! I’ll be at RnR Chicago too and am looking forward to the weather hopefully being much more forgiving this time around. =D

    • Well, there were definitely some very low points of June, but I was also lucky to have some great points, too. It all evens out, I suppose.

      I’m crossing my fingers that the weather will cut us a break for the RnR. It should be fun.

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