Stuff That’s Keeping Me Sane (And Lots of Races)

Someday this stress will end, but in the meantime, I am struggling to find the right balance between down time and doing other things that make me happy. After all, it’s summertime in the city, and I am not about to let it sneak by me.

Here are a few of the few things that have helped keep me sane lately:

A glorious 2.5 hour nap. I haven’t been sleeping much lately, and most of the sleep I have gotten has been on a couch. But today I had the luxury of a nice long nap, and boy, was it amazing.

Long runs to clear my head. This weekend’s 8-miler wasn’t that great, but I am still psyched about my 7-miler last weekend, and I am glad to have an outlet for some of this stress.

Bastille Day race. Thursday night I ran the Bastille Day 5K in place of my friend’s husband, who wasn’t back from his business trip in time to run it. Since I was running under his name, I didn’t really want to get a PR, because I knew I’d be mad if my best time didn’t make it into my Athlinks profile. However, I still ran an awesome race, and ended up finishing in 29:39. Last year at this same race, I was still trying desperately to break 30 minutes, so I am pretty proud of a course PR. Plus, I just love running nighttime races.

I was all ready to tell people my name was Cary Ross if anyone asked.

Speaking of nighttime races…I finally registered for the Run for Gus 5K next Thursday night. I’ve been wanting to register for this one because not only is it a night race, but it’s also CARA certified. As I mentioned, I love night races, because I run so much better in the evenings, and I think my body likes it better.

Speaking of races in general…I will be running THREE races in a 5 day time frame next week. I kind of forgot that Run for Gus is the week following my Rock n Mud Challenge! I’m actually pretty excited about the Rock n Mud, though more for the Muddy Buddy than the RnR Half. I’m not really in half marathon shape right now, but I’m just gonna have fun with this one and hope it goes better than the 13.1 last month.

But this was supposed to be about things keeping me sane, not things that make me appear insane…

Spending time with good friends. Sacrificing a day of apartment hunting proved well worth it. I had a great day with the girls, and I have pretty pedicured toes to show for it. Plus, a night out under the stars roasting marshmallows was a great cap to the day.

Home-cooked steak dinner on the balcony. One of the things I am going to miss most when I leave my apartment is my balcony with view of the city. I’m trying to spend as much time out there as I can before I have to leave. Plus, I haven’t eaten a home-cooked meal in weeks with all the running around I’ve been doing. So, tonight I had a nice steak dinner on the balcony, and it was just what the doctor ordered.

Registering to run with my baby nephew in his very first race. My nephew, Elden, is turning 1 in September and I am heading out to Minnesota to celebrate with him. And, as I try to run races in every state, of course I looked up what races are in the area that weekend. As it turns out, there is a 5k at Como Park that Sunday, walking distance from my sister’s house. So, I checked it out, and it looks like Elden will be running his very first race that day. (With my sister and me, of course.) I am so excited to be able to be a part of his first race experience, and maybe he’ll even win his age group! ;)

Trying out my new ActiveBandsOne thing that makes running fun is trying out new running gear. And, thanks to the raffle from MagMileRunner, I now have a bunch of fun new running headbands to try out on my runs! For someone who has a small head and a problem with headbands staying on, I think these headbands are great! Plus, I like that I have more options now to match with my running outfits! Yay, running gear!

The continued support of my awesome friends. In the past month or so, I’ve had to back out of plans, I’ve been flaky about committing to things, and I’ve not really been able to focus on anything other than what’s going on in my head at the time. I am so grateful that my friends have been so understanding of all that, and reached out in their own various ways to be supportive. I can’t wait until I am in a place to focus on being healthier, more focused, and a better friend. But in the meantime, thanks to everyone for bearing with me.

7 thoughts on “Stuff That’s Keeping Me Sane (And Lots of Races)

  1. Yay, I hope you like the Active Bands! I once ordered some similar headbands from an Etsy shop, and they were a little too big for my (big) head, but I contacted the seller, and sent them back, she shortened the elastic and returned them to me for no extra charge. So, if they are too big, we can see if Active Bands will do the same.

  2. Keep your head up and stay positive! As difficult as it may be, maintaining a happy mental state can do wonders. Looks like you have a good support system to help you out too :)

    The Bastille Day 8k was my first race ever (last year) and I have a fond spot in my heart for it. I loved that it was a nighttime race too! No 5am wake-up calls and sleepiness. Happy to see you enjoyed it!

    • I hear you on the 5am wake up calls. I am so not a morning person. I can hardly get myself dressed in the morning, let alone be alert enough to run a decent race.

      I’m excited to do the Run for Gus next Thursday night, and there is also a new one, Burgers and Beer 5K on a Monday night next month. Except for my Saturday long runs, I do the rest of my running at night, so I like when I can race at that time, too.

  3. Great job on the Bastille Day 5K and the phenomenal 7-miler from last weekend! I love night-time races, too – I’m always much more awake and it sure beats waking up at some ungodly hour for the usual morning races. Glad that you had such a great get-together with your friends this past weekend, too – those marshmallows look yummy! Cheers for awesome, supportive friends the world over.

    Home-cooked meals make SUCH a difference. Restaurant food makes me feel fat and sluggish after having too much of it, so it always feels so good to be able to prepare your own meals after an extended stint of dining out. That steak dinner on the balcony looks delicioso! All food is better when eaten outdoors, in my opinion. =D

    • I’m definitely in the “feeling fat and sluggish” camp right now. Ugh. I’ve been so unhealthy. Blargh. I can’t wait to feel less gross again.

      But, I agree…any meal outdoors is awesome. I’m going to do as much of it as possible!

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