Weekend of Insanity

Normally Wednesdays are my hardest day of the week. I teach up in Rogers Park in the morning, then come back to the office in River North for meetings, then go up to Roscoe Village for tutoring, and for the past 3 weeks, I’ve had apartment showings after that.

I’ve officially survived my Wednesday, just in time for what I’ve come to call “The Weekend of Insanity.”

Don’t get me wrong. This type of insanity is the GOOD kind. It’s all things of my choosing, rather than stressful things that have been thrust upon me. However, take a look at what’s on my agenda, and you’ll see why I’m still considering it insane.


  • Lead a field trip at work.
  • Carly Rae Jepsen free show (I decided to skip this because I really was spreading myself too thin.)
  • Midnight showing of Dark Knight. In Warrenville.


  • Get to bed around 4am.
  • Day off (THANK GOD)
  • A couple apartment showings (not in the fun category)
  • Rock n Roll packet pickup at McCormick Place
  • Drive to Algonquin
  • Carbo-loading home-cooked dinner at Mom and Dad’s


  • Muddy Buddy race in Gilberts
  • Drive back to city
  • Work 3-hour shift at Taste of River North for work


  • Rock n Roll Half Marathon
  • BBQ and Summer on Southport (If I’m still alive)

I think I am officially crazy, but there’s something about keeping busy with things you actually WANT to do, versus things you’re obligated to do, that make it so much better.

I’ll do my best to give a decent recap of both the Muddy Buddy and the Rock n Roll, but if I’m a little exhausted, you’ll know why.

7 thoughts on “Weekend of Insanity

    • Thanks! I’m really treating the half as a “fun run”, since it’s kind of out of sync with my official Chicago Half training. Although, in 90-degree temps, I’m not sure how “fun” it’s gonna be.

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