Rock ‘n’ Mud Part 1: Muddy Buddy

Yesterday was Part 1 of my Rock ‘n’ Mud challenge – the Muddy Buddy race.

This race has been around for a while as a bike and run event, but this was the first year that the Chicago Muddy Buddy had a run-only division, which is what my buddy, Brooke, and I ran. It’s supposed to be the equivalent of about a 5K (although, I heard this course was over 4 miles), with obstacles along the way. You must run with your buddy the whole time, and complete the obstacles throughout the course together, ending with the infamous mud pit.

The course was out on a farm out in Gilberts, IL, which is not too far from my parents’ house. So, I stayed with my parents on Friday night. Then I met up with Brooke and we got ourselves ready to go.

Before Photo

We started out much faster than I should go out, but Brooke is a faster runner than me, and I didn’t want to hold her back. However, it very quickly caught up with me, and I realized that I just need to listen to my body. I know what my lungs can and can’t handle, and I shouldn’t let peer pressure push me more than I know is right for me. Brooke was a great Buddy though, and stuck with me for the parts I needed to catch my breath.

And we rocked the obstacles!

We climbed ropes.

We scaled walls, balanced on balance beams, slid down slides. We climbed “slippery mountains”.

Slippery Mountain

And it was slippery.

Battle wound.

And we finished it off strong through the mud pit.

We ended up finishing in 1:02.24, which I’m pretty proud of. This was by far the roughest terrain I’ve ever run on, and that combined with starting out too fast, and being extremely hot, didn’t give me high hopes for our time. However, only 9 teams in our division (women only, from our start wave) finished in under an hour, so 1:02 is not bad at all!

After photo

With a Muddy Buddy finish, I’ve accomplished 8 of my 12 Things in 2012, and I’m now half way through the Rock ‘n’ Mud challenge. Up next, Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon.

Muddy Buddy Finisher

6 thoughts on “Rock ‘n’ Mud Part 1: Muddy Buddy

  1. I love the pics! Who did you bring a long to take photos?

    I didn’t realize this was the bike and run option only before! That sounds so crazy fun!

    Hope you had a fun race today! :)

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