Drinking Wine Can Be Hard Work, and My Hard Work Finally Paid Off.

Have you ever seen one of those wine cork cork boards? Well, I’ve been saving up corks for years now, and finally completing a board of my own is something that’s been on my List forever, but I just hadn’t had the patience to get the board assembled.

a photo I took several years ago of my ever-growing cork collection

A few months ago, I finally had the time to sit down and arrange the board the way I wanted it. There are a lot of different designs out there, but I really wanted to make one that was more of a spiral pattern. It seemed a good idea at the time, but it proved rather difficult, because it requires corks of varying sizes, and fitting them all together like a puzzle.

I got pretty close to the way I wanted to to look, and I was one small cork short, so it just sat unglued for months. (For the record, Framboise corks are perfect for filling in small gaps, but I don’t like Framboise, so my dear friend Erin was drinking it and sending me corks when I saw her.) However, I was days away from moving, and if I didn’t get the pieces glued in before I moved, I knew I’d have to start back at square one. So, with some finagling, I managed to get the pieces in and secure, finally completing my years-long project.


It’s far from perfect, and the OCD in me can’t look too closely at the small imperfections without going crazy, but from afar, I think it turned out pretty well. It will make a great addition to my new apartment.

And, I can finally cross it off my list.


3 thoughts on “Drinking Wine Can Be Hard Work, and My Hard Work Finally Paid Off.

  1. Love it!!! So creative, and it can be a trip down memory lane, too (e.g. I drank THIS bottle of wine while I was traveling here, etc.) It will go great with your new abode!

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