So Much To Write, So Little Time

I haven’t forgotten about my blog, honest. It’s just that since I’ve moved, I’ve been surviving without a computer or Internet access at home, so blogging’s been a bit of a challenge. I’m happy to say the computer is fixed, but I am still holding off on setting up Internet for as long as I can to save some money – especially since I will be out of town twice in September and it’s silly to pay for Internet I won’t be using. (And not that I condone this, but all my new neighbors have secure WiFi connections, so I can’t even log in for just a teeny bit.)

So, anyway, I’ve been settling into the new place, getting by with the use of my iPhone (what DID I do before I had a smartphone?!), and making final preparations for the crazy whirlwind that’s about to come.

Here’s what’s coming down the pipeline, and I promise to write about as many of these things as I can when they happen.

  • I leave on Thursday for Disneyland. I’ve finally come to terms with going solo, and I am so, SO excited!
  • I “met” another solo traveler via a blog who will also be running Disneyland solo. After having a discussion about how the hardest part of solo travel is eating dinner alone, we made plans to meet up for a carbo-loading dinner the night before the race. (And, yes, I Googled her, and she seems to be safe. She’s in her mid-30s, lives in Canada, and appears to be a lawyer.)
  • I had already planned on spending plenty of time at the Disneyland Expo, but now I have a great reason to be there. SparkleSkirts, one of my favorite running skirt companies, was in need of an extra person to work their booth at the Expo on Friday. Since I had nothing else on my agenda, and my plans to volunteer at the Expo with RunDisney fell through, I figured why not? So, I’ll be working the noon-4 shift, meeting lots of awesome runners, and also snagging my MinnieTech skirt for race day.

  • As of Sunday, barring any major tragedies, I will have earned my very own Coast-to-Coast medal, and can finally cross it off my List.
  • As of the following Sunday, again, barring any tragedies, I will have completed two half marathons, in two different states, in an 8-day window. Crazy, yes, but it will also earn me eligibility for the Half Fanatics.

I sincerely plan on attempting to make each one of those bullet points its own blog entry, where I give proper attention to each of the exciting things I have coming up.

In the meantime, I will also be working on my August Monthly Update (how can August possibly be over already?!), working on building more new IKEA furniture, making my new apartment “home”, getting ready to train new interns at work, and starting up program sites at 8 different schools in September.

So, there you have it. Lots to look forward to from My Life’s List, coming soon.

However, if you need something to hold you over in the meantime, I highly recommend stopping by Go-Go-Go, my new favorite blog by two friends of mine. They feature a combination of travel stories and everyday photos (two of my favorite things!) and they do a far better job of it than I ever do.

“See ya real soon!”


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