Yesterday was the Chicago Half Marathon, and as I mentioned in my previous post, a day of many goals I set for myself.

Well, I am happy to report that all in all, the day was a success.

Here’s a quick recap.

Goal 1 – Finish with a PR. 
Status: Incomplete

This was the one goal I was most worried about meeting, because after the Disneyland half last Sunday, and the Cookie Classic 5K on Saturday, I was getting fatigued. The 5K was much more difficult than it should have been, mentally and physically, and those three little miles got me all worked up over doing 13 the following day.

The weather was on my side, though, and I was running with my friend Amanda – the one person I actually can run with. So, I knew she’d push me to keep going and help pace me.

Amanda and me at the start line

I started the race with the mindset of just having a good race that I felt happy about in the end, and I was ready to give up the PR aspirations.  I checked my watch throughout the course, but didn’t really worry too much about the PR. It wasn’t until mile 11 that I realized I COULD still PR, but I’d really have to push it for those last 2 miles.

I told Amanda I wanted to go for it, and then took off.

And, man, I was so close. I ended up missing the PR by 9 seconds. I really do think I could have done it if I pushed just a little harder earlier on in the race, but all things considered, I am very pleased with the result.

However, it just makes me even more impressed with my Disneyland time. Yesterday I pretty much ran nonstop, with the exception of some water stations; at Disney I stopped for photos and the bathroom. So I must have been maintaining a really nice pace at Disney.

Goal #2: Complete the Windy City 26.2 Challenge
Status: Achieved. 

I successfully completed both the 13.1 Chicago (miserably) and the Chicago Half (feeling good). So, after the race, I got to collect my special bonus medal and wore it with pride.

Goal #3: Run with Open Books and reach my fundraising goal. 
Status: Incomplete. 

I’ve secured a few more donations yesterday, but I still have a bit more to go to reach my goal. I still have until the 26th to secure donations, so I hope to get some last-minute stragglers in the next week or two.

If you want to help, you can do so by visiting my fundraising page.

Don’t you want to support these good lookin’ runners? It’s for the love of literacy!


Goal #4: Qualify for the Half Fanatics
Status: Achieved. 

It’s a silly thing, but if I’m gonna do crazy things like run half marathons in back-to-back weekends, it’s nice to know there are other crazies out there like me. Plus, it’s just kinda cool to say, I”m a Half Fanatic.

Goal #5:  Qualify for a CARA Participation Award.
Status: Achieved

The Chicago Half Marathon was my 10th CARA certified race of the year. That means I am now eligible for a CARA participation Award!

The reason I am so excited about this is because I know I am too slow to win any other award. I’ll never get a prize for being fast, but if I can get one for over-committing myself, well, by golly, I’ll do it!

Bonus Goal: Beat the one person I wanted to beat.
Status: Achieved. 

When I run, I tend to only want to be competitive with myself. But every once in a while there is one other person I set as a goal to beat. I picked my competition for Sunday, and I beat the goal by a long shot. That makes me happy.

I also beat the former Biggest Loser, so that’s good, too.

All these things also helped me achieve crossing 12 things off my List this year, so I consider the day a huge success, and also a big contribution to a successful year.

What’s Next?

I’m sure if you know me at all, you’re asking yourself, “What’s next?”

Well, of course I always have to have about 15 projects going on at a time, so while I want to kind of scale back with my running, it’s not all over yet. Here are some of the upcoming things on my plate:

  • Still maintain the one race a month goal. (Although this time I’m going to try to keep it to ONLY one race a month.)
  • Run with my nephew in MN for his first birthday, and cross off a new race state.
  • The Monster Dash, which I was peer-pressured into signing up for at the Chicago Half expo. (Okay, that’s a lie; it didn’t take any pressure at all, and I’ve been considering that one since last year when I unofficially ran it during a training run. Plus, it’ll be my one October race.)
  • Cut back on running and sign up for the gym, FINALLY.
  • Focus on the strength training I’ve been neglecting.
  • Get yoga back in my life.
  • Read more books.
  • Take a class or learn something new.

4 thoughts on “Success!

  1. I saw the Biggest Loser Guy! I think we finished in front of him too? He was wearing all orange and a tutu?

    Man! You were so close to a PR! That is awesome! I am happy you felt so good for this race!

    I did halfs two weekends in a row in 2011 and thought about signing up for Half Fanatics. Do you get a shirt or something?

    • Yeah, he was in an orange tutu.

      As for the Half Fanatics, you can buy a shirt, which I ended up not doing because I have way too many shirts. But now I’m regretting not getting one. You also get to log your races and have access to their special database. I know a couple of the other Chicago Running Bloggers are on there, and are way more half Fanatic than I am, so they probably know a lot more.

  2. The fact that you PR’d last weekend, and then came within 9 seconds of that PR is AWESOME!!!! I PR’d in a half on June 2, and then ran 13.1 Chicago the following weekend … and finished 19 minutes slower. Now, I wasn’t trying to PR again at 13.1, but I couldn’t imagine coming so close to my PR time. So you should be really proud!!!

    One of my 2013 goals is to ONLY race once a month. Less is OK. But definitely not more! Without a really good reason.

    Also welcome to Half Fanatics! I joined over the summer. I have yet to make it to any pre-race photos, or really take advantage of the membership.

    • Thanks, Maggie. I am really proud of my runs this month, all things considered. But I am also looking forward to a break!

      I’m still figuring out all the perks of the Half Fanatics, but I’m excited to get involved. (I saw your name on some of the race lists!)

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