My Best Race Yet!

This past weekend I was in Minnesota to celebrate my adorable nephew’s first birthday. While I was there, I also talked my sister into running a 5K with me, which happened to be right down the street from her house. I thought it would be fun to not only cross a new race state off my list, but to also run with E in his very first race.

Gettin’ ready for E’s first race.


The race we ran was the Challenge Aging 5K in St. Paul, which was designed to celebrate athletes who fight against aging by living a fit and healthy lifestyle. Bib numbers were given out in reverse age order, so that the oldest person running was #1, therefore honoring the oldest athletes as elite runners.

The lowest bib number I’ve ever had!

I had an inkling that the race would be a small one when I received a personal email, not automated, reminding me of my race-day information, and telling me to show up a few minutes early to pick up my shirt and bib number.

As it turns out, there were only about 60 runners, and I almost missed the starting line, because it was just a line drawn in chalk on the path with a little sign that said “start”.

Me at the starting line

I had agonized for days over whether to stick with my sister and nephew for his first race, (and my sister’s second), or if I should shoot for a PR and maybe even try to win my age group, since I know if I ever do it, it would have to be in a tiny race like this. I had pretty much settled on the fact that I would have other chances to PR but not another chance to experience my nephew’s first race.

But that morning I was feeling good, and I think my sister was afraid of holding me back, so she told me to go ahead without her. I felt bad for a bit, but I knew she was right – we’d only both end up getting frustrated – so off I went.

The race was two laps around Lake Como, and after the first lap I was feeling good. The cooler air usually really bothers my lungs, but it wasn’t too bad, despite the occasional cough. And since the race was so small, I couldn’t really see anyone in front of me or behind me for most of the race. It just felt like a beautiful morning training run.

I made it to the finish line in under 29 minutes, which is a personal best for me. (The race wasn’t chip timed, so my “official” time was 28:56, but my watch had me at under 28:50). And then I got to watch my nephew and sister cross the finish line a short time later.

J and E crossing the finish line

Later that night I got another individual email with my results. And although it was a very small race, so I kinda feel like it’s cheating a little, I am very proud of the outcome.

Overall, it was a great time running a small race in a new state, and sharing the experience with my sister and nephew. I hope to get to run more races with them soon!


E and Aunt Cary both got a PR yesterday!

9 thoughts on “My Best Race Yet!

  1. Wow! Congrats on a new PR and first in your AG! The concept behind this 5K is so cool! :) And I love that you got to see your sis and nephew. Cheering for a family member really excites me!

    • I was very excited about that! But it’s important to note there were only 8 people in my age group, so I kinda feel like it’s not really official.

      Regardless, it’s been a big year for me. :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on a fantastic race, placing first in your age group, and setting another PR! What a huge accomplishment!

    I am growing to enjoy small races more and more – and it sounds like this one was a total blast!

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