My Life’s List

*This is the abridged version of my list. Some items are more personal than others, and I don’t necessarily need to share them with the Internet world. However, I believe this version is still a good representation of the random things I’d like to accomplish, and it should be plenty to keep me motivated to live life to its fullest.

Since each item is a completely unique goal or experience, I have chosen to not number the list. Numbers tend to imply priorities or ranking, and each item on my list is equally important to me.

(Some entries are hyperlinks. Click on the link to read about my progress.)

– go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

– be a balloon holder in a parade

– visit the Today Show
(accomplished 2004)

– be in a movie

– go to the Oscars

– write/publish a book

– have someone dedicate a book to me (accomplished 9.19.2013)

– get one of my blogs featured on Freshly Pressed

– ride a zamboni

– throw out an opening pitch at a baseball game

– go whitewater rafting

– go ziplining

– go caving at Mammoth Cave National Park

– get married

– have kids

– be one child’s favorite teacher

– make a difference in the life of a child

receive a standing ovation (completed 4.9.11)

see a sunset over the ocean (completed 4.26.11)

– swim with dolphins

– drink a tropical drink at a swim-up bar

– visit all 50 states
(20 down, 30 to go)

– own a home

– own a house with a wrap-around porch and a porch swing

– learn to play an instrument

– be a maid of honor
(accomplished 2007)

– be a godmother

– see a volcano

– take a photograph of lightning

– see the sun at midnight on the summer solstice

– go to Iceland (perhaps combined with the above)

– take and enlarge/hang black and white photos of Europe
(accomplished. photos to come.)

– go backstage at a concert

– Meet Rob Thomas

– see all Monet’s Houses of Parliament paintings

– go to Washington D.C.
(accomplished 2010. photos to come.)

– make a quilt

– see a show on Broadway
(accomplished 2004)

– learn to be more open-minded

– attend a Meetup event

participate in a Flash Mob
(completed 6.12.11)

– do a backflip on a trampoline

– break a world record

read 50 books in a year (accomplished 2011)

– take a photography class

– either digitize my photos from European Term, or finally make that scrapbook
(Completed November 2010)

– learn enough sign language to have a conversation with a deaf person

learn to Irish dance
(accomplished 2009)

dance in a “real” recital
(Accomplished 4.9.2011: via the Dance Experiment 2!)

– learn to be a better cook
(Ongoing: Part I)

– play human checkers

– send in a PostSecret

– Get a secret posted on the PostSecret blog

– dance in a music video

learn to write (legibly) with my left hand

– become fluent in another language

– dream in another language

– sing karaoke alone
(completed 2.25.11)

eat sushi from a conveyor belt

– learn to surf

– learn to snowboard

– learn how to do a hockey stop on ice

– live alone
(accomplished 2009)

– live with a friend
(accomplished 2007-2009)

– learn to sail

– attend an Olympic event or Opening/Closing Ceremony

– go to a World Cup match

– visit all the continents (except Antarctica?)

– do a maypole

– have a garden

– live near the ocean

– go caving

– teach someone to read

– see the Grand Canyon
(accomplished 2009)

– see Mount Rushmore

– send a message in a bottle

– have a food fight

– ride in a gondola in Venice

– swim in spaghetti

– drink absinthe

– take a milk bath

– crochet a blanket

watch all the Oscar “Best Picture” films

– get an apple from a student

– watch all the James Bond movies

– watch the Godfather movies

– TP a house

– sit in the bleachers at Wrigley
(accomplished 2007, 2009)

– backpack through Europe

drive on the “wrong” side of the road (C0mpleted 4.22.11)

– wear a real lei in Hawaii

– own a convertible

– go back to my first grade school

visit the Mall of America (completed 10.15.11)

– sneak into a movie

– own a shirt with a 21 and my name on the back

– catch a fly ball at a baseball game

– make a calendar out of photos I took

– sell a photo I took

– play human fooseball/bungee soccer

– see my name on the big screen

– go on a cruise with my friends

– take a road trip (completed April 2011, Ireland)

– visit Castle Cary in England or Castlecary  in Scotland

– take a year off to travel

– go on a honeymoon

– own my own baseball glove
(accomplished 2010)

– go horseback riding on a beach

– drive along Route 66
(accomplished 2009)

– go to Cedar Point

– to go Madison Square Garden

– have a bonfire on the beach

– win a medal

– get my Masters Degree
(accomplished 2008)

get a t-shirt quilt
(accomplished 4.22.12; Thanks, Mom!)

– go to the World Series
(accomplished 2005, photos to come)

– see the Cubs win a World Series

– go to the Super Bowl

– go to a premier league soccer game

– see a Stanley Cup game (accomplished 2010)

– go to Greece

– win a race

– win my age group (accomplished 9.23.12)

– take the Polar Bear Plunge

– make a family tree (in progress)

– miss someone so much that I cry when we’re reunited

– go to the Pacific Ocean

– complete a triathlon

run the Disney World Half FULL Marathon (accomplished 1.8.12)

– run any half marathon (accomplished 9.11.11)

– do the Muddy Buddy Race (completed 7.21.12)

– couch surf

– run a race in another country (accomplished 8.5.2013)

– learn Gaelic

– learn Italian

– be on the kiss cam at a sporting event

– see a meteor shower

– see the Northern Lights

– live outside of Illinois for a year

– live abroad for a year

– Hear “Drink the Night Away” by Gaelic Storm at a going-away party thrown in my honor

– take bodhran lessons

– play Irish fiddle

– go to the airport with a suitcase and no destination and go someplace random

– go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (accomplished 1.9.12)

see Giant’s Causeway (accomplished 4.27.2011)

– stay in an overwater bungalow in Tahiti or Bora Bora

– go camping

– have a couples’ or girls’ trip to wine country

– finish my wine cork cork board (completed August 2012)

– try haggis

– travel with nothing but an ID and a credit card

kayak the Chicago River (completed 5.30.12)

– do the City Chase
(accomplished August 21, 2010)

– run a hash race

– take a spin class
(accomplished August 2010)

– go skiing in the Alps

– drink a beer at Oktoberfest in Munich

learn to knit (in progress)

see a baseball game at Fenway Park (accomplished 5.20.11 and 5.21.11)

– play fantasy football
(accomplished fall 2010)

– take the Amtrak across the country

– take a Mediterranean cruise

– see the pyramids

– stomp on grapes at a wine crush

– jump from a cliff into the ocean

ride a mechanical bull (completed 3.26.11)

– celebrate a victory by getting sprayed with champagne

– make up for the European Term 2002 “foam party” experience

run a 5K in 30 minutes or less (so close!(I did it! 4/22/12)

– fly first class on an overseas flight

– walk on snow wearing snowshoes

– perform for an audience a dance routine to Phil Collins’s “In the Air Tonight”

– do a trick on a trapeze (completed 4.16.11)

– do a trick on aerial silks

– run a race in all 50 states

– run the Chicago Marathon (completed 10.13.13)

– attend a wedding in another country (preferably England, Ireland, or Scotland)

– attend a Céilí dance event like the ones at the Irish American Heritage Center

participate in a Color Run (accomplished 6.2.12)

earn the Disney Coast-to-Coast medal (running at both Disney World and Disneyland in the same calendar year) (accomplished 9.2.12)

earn a CARA long distance or participation award (accomplished 9.9.12)

see a performance of Riverdance (accomplished 3.15.12)

– eat a meal at Moto

– run one race a month for a year (accomplished in 2012)

– go Zorbing in New Zealand

– go black water rafting at Waitomo

– see glowworm caves

complete the Windy City 26.2 Challenge (run the 13.1 Chicago and the Chicago Half Marathon in the same year) (accomplished 9.9.12)

– reorganize my Life’s List in a more logical manner

– take a Knife Skills class at the Chopping Block (completed in 2012)

qualify for the Half Fanatics (accomplished 9.9.12)

– visit a brewery in every state (current total, 2)

– visit a Korean spa

– eat at a “dark dining” restaurant

– take a beer bath at a beer spa

– kiss the Stanley Cup (completed 10.11.13)

– sit on the glass at a hockey game

16 thoughts on “My Life’s List

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  2. I like swim in spaghetti! You should come up with some crazy way to combine like 10 of these, and swimming in spaghetti should be one of them.

    I want to ride a zamboni, too.

    Have you really never gone camping or taken a road trip?

    I think see the Cubs win the world series is on a lot of people’s lists…

    • I wasn’t counting our family road trip to Niagra Falls – I want it to be with friends. But I suppose my trip from Vegas to the Grand Canyon counts.

      And I haven’t been “real” camping, since Girl Scouts. I want a real grown-up camping trip. :)

  3. Hi there! Its good to have a list and a purpose on life. Certainly many more than I had when I reached 30 and I never made a list hurtling towards 60. I will re-read your list for some inspiration – although I may ignore aerial tricks on silks :0))

  4. OMG I didn’t know anyone else also had a desire to play human checkers. I really thought I was the only one who wanted to do that! That, and being part of one of those human logos /messages that people form, that you can only really read from an aerial view (They do this at airshows and at the superbowl)!

    Also, when I was going through your list and saw, “To Make Freshly Pressed”, I bet that many bloggers (including me) have that on their bucket list. It is the Emmy of the Blogger’s World :)

    Good luck with your list though! And when you get married you can check out my blog and tell if you can relate to what I am writing about! lol

    • Thanks. I do tend to add to my list a lot more quickly than I cross things off. I’ve had this list for many years, and many of the items have been on there for a long time, but any time I learn about something new, exciting, or challenging and I find myself thinking, “wow! I really want to try that!” I add it. It helps keep me accountable for trying new things.

  5. Great idea, great list, can’t wait to read all of your blog! Although, if I may, I think you should add “Visiting Portugal” to your list… Believe me, if you pick the right places, you won’t regret it ;)

  6. “Go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade” is NOT worth it!!! Don’t go, you’ll be disappointed. It’s for kids rather.
    Good luck on crossing off other items on your list.

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  8. Oh my gosh, your list is amazing! Love it love it love it!!! We definitely have a lot in common on a number of these items.

    I am inspired to add to my own list now based on many of your items! And I can’t wait to see and read about how your list progresses/develops/grows longer/shorter in the future!!!

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