A Visit to the Green Monster

When I first put “see a baseball game at Fenway Park” on my list, I always thought it would just be some random game on a trip to Boston where I’d be cheering for the Red Sox. Never did I think I’d be cheering against the Sox at Fenway.

Then again, I never imagined I’d be witnessing my own Chicago Cubs playing at Fenway!

This past weekend, for the first time since 1918, the Cubs traveled to Boston to play the Red Sox. Lucky for me, I have a friend who is one of the biggest Cubs fans I know, who wanted to spend her birthday weekend seeing the Cubbies play. So, when she invited me to celebrate with her at Fenway, I couldn’t pass up the chance.

Rolling Back the Clock to 1918: For one inning, there was no PA system, the old scoreboards were used, and the 1918 logos were displayed on screen.

Three of us flew out from Chicago on Friday morning, decked out in our Cubs gear. Not sure what to expect as fans for the away team, I was shocked at how friendly everyone was to us. It turns out they were as excited about this series as we were. “We’re kindred spirits!” the Sox fans told us. “As long as you’re not rooting for the Yankees, we don’t mind!” “We’re so happy to have you here.”

And, man, were there a lot of us. All weekend long, no matter where we went, fellow Cubs fans in their Cubbie Blue would smile and wave, or bust out a bit of “Go Cubs Go” as we walked by. About three-quarters of the people at the Sam Adams brewery were visiting from Chicago. And inside the park, it was the same thing. I’d say more than a third of the crowd was cheering for the Cubs.

Using the Color Select Feature on My Camera to Gauge Cubs Fans vs. Red Sox Fans

I was lucky enough to get tickets for Friday and Saturday night. Which was good for me, because Saturday night’s win for the Cubs made up (slightly) for the 15-5 loss the night before.

But really, no matter what the outcome had been, getting to see the Cubs play at Fenway would have been an experience of a lifetime. Getting to see anyone play at Fenway, really, is amazing. And after all, for me, that was the main objective.

With that in mind, here’s what I thought about the park itself:

  • It reminds me a lot of Wrigley, although, I found myself trying to figure out where the ivy was hiding.
  • The Green Monster definitely makes the park unique, but I can’t help thinking it must be really annoying for the outfielders who have to try to play off the wall.
  • The one thing I didn’t like about the park is the asymmetrical shape of it. I like symmetry.
  • It’s weird not to have beer vendors.
  • Pesky’s Pole is another fun quirky thing in the park (but no, I didn’t sign it).
  • I really like the lights they use to signal the number of balls, strikes, and outs. Really handy, and easy to see, even without my glasses.
  • Ivy or no ivy, as America’s Oldest Ballpark (and supposedly “most beloved”, too) it’s definitely a really awesome place.
In the end, I’m not only able to cross Fenway off my list, but I also have memories way beyond what I had ever imagined when I first envisioned it. 

Thanks, Boston!

P.S. This trip was also my first to Massachusetts, and I was able to cross one more state off my list!